Open Free Education Resources

The UNESCO position paper on Open Education resources from Stepen Downes web site

The Open Course ware consortium

Here are 1042 video lectures from IIT Professors at Youtube

Open courseware initiative at MIT

Open Courseware initiative at Utah State University

Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University

Also at Open University

And 200 free courses at



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2 Responses to “Open Free Education Resources”

  1. Dolly Bhasin Says:

    A great compilation of open learning resources.

    Two thoughts –
    1. How can we contribute to add some more links?

    2. Why don’t you consider CD and other Learning resources (ebooks, mobile content, etc.) too?

  2. jalam1001 Says:


    I have lot of these resources but they are mostly in the areas of Math, Structural Engineering, elearning, assessment and web programming.

    They are spread all over my hard disk and as url’s in my book marks, browser histories and different files. I am still trying to figure out what is the best way to organize all this information. Do you have any ideas?

    I am not excluding anything. It just that I can not cover every thing. I even wrote a paper on m-learning so I am interested in it. I am not sure about CD roms but they have their place where the Internet connection is slow and not reliable.

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